Best Hotels near Ephesus

In the vicinity of Ancient City of Ephesus, there is a good selections of hotels for travellers who are seeking for comfortable and clean accomodation.

Selcuk: An agricultural town 2 miles from the ancient city of Ephesus. Selcuk has small boutique hotels, Selcuk town is nice and very close to Ephesus but the hotels are not in high standards.

Sirince Village :located approximately 8 miles from the ancient city of Ephesus. It is a touristy village which is becoming crowded with  especially Turkish tourists coming from the big Turkish cities. Can be a good choice but going there is a liitle bit difficult.

Kusadasi Recommended for travellers who enjoy modern four- and five-star resort hotels, there are many choices for travellers in Kusadasi.  Kusadasi is located 15 miles away from ancient city of Ephesus. Our recommendation is to stay in Kusadasi and do the tour of Ephesus out of Kusadasi.Kusadasi has several beaches, nice restaurants and good hotels that you may enjoy.

Izmir : The 3rd largest city of Turkey. Having a traffic problem during weekdays. Staying in Izmir is not recommended, since Izmir city does not offer much for the travellers.